World Cup Draw Simulation

Can’t wait for December 6th and for that reason a draw simulation will take place. That’s right, just like if it were the real thing. To do so we distributed all the countries in their respective pots according to FIFA ranking and began.World Cup

Group A ended up with Brazil, Honduras, France, and Croatia. I see Brazil advancing in first place and a fierce fight for second place between France and Croatia. After the 2010 debacle I have a hard time trusting Les Bleus so my bet is Croatia qualifies as second place.Group A


Group B will be a walk in the park for Spain who will have no problems with Costa Rica, Greece, and Ghana. I see the Black Stars continuing to impress and taking the second place to play Brazil in the Round of 16.Group B


Group C is an interesting group that would give some good defensive matchups among Switzerland, South Korea, Chile, and Italy. I see Italy taking the first place with all teams making a push for that second spot which I believe Chile would end up taking.

Group C


I think Group D would be the Group of Death. Super powers Germany and England would make it very tough on two really good teams that are Japan and Ecuador. I see Germany taking the first place and England probably taking the second place but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ecuador or Japan make the second spot.


Group D


Group E is another very group and that Colombia vs Holland match would be electrifying. Mexico has a lot of work to do for the World Cup and Algeria had to suffer with Burkina Faso to qualify. I see Holland and Colombia going through.Group E


In Group F, Argentina catches a lucky break and would coast through. Portugal will put up a good fight but I see them qualifying second. Iran and Cameroon would fight out for the honor in their match.

Group F


Group G is not the most attractive but still has some interesting matchups. No one knows how Belgiums youth will respond, if Ivory Coast’s veterans will finally have a great World Cup, if Bosnia is as strong as some say, or if USA will show the good form shown in friendly games. I see Belgium qualifying first and USA slipping in second place.Group G


Finally, Group H completes them all. Uruguay shouldn’t have issues qualifying and I really like the Russian side. Australia is just getting a new head coach and Nigeria struggles in World Cups.Group H


That’s the end of the World Cup draw simulation. What do you think? Which one do you think is the Group of Death?


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